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Become a Stall Holder at Paddington Markets

Application forms must be fully completed & accompanied by photo/s of product. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review. Interviews will be held in the Paddington Markets Office, 395 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Paddington Markets is interested in unique creations made by the artist themselves. Paddington Markets is dedicated to promoting Australian Made and designed products only. Paddington Markets is only interested in designer made and designer sold. We pride ourselves on “Meet the Maker” within our Market. If your product is not accepted, it is usually because we have similar products within the Market, and we are careful not to have a duplication of products.

We are guided by the amount of products of a similar nature that can be sold at the Market.

The 20 most frequently asked questions about becoming a trader are on the last (2) pages of the application form, this covers cost of stall, car parking etc.

Preparing Your Application:

Please read the following instructions carefully. Your application will NOT be accepted without the following documents. Please post your application, we do not accept email submissions.

  1. Complete a Registration Form – answering all questions in detail.
  2. Attach the following to your Form: Good quality product photograph/s for Office Use. You may attach portfolio/promotional material to support your application.
  3. Public liability document.
  4. All applications must be received by e-mail through our online form.

Fill the form online by clicking the link below:

What happens Next?

  1. If your product is of interest to us you will be invited in for an interview or you will receive an email from us thanking you for your application.
  2. Approved stall holders may apply for a stall each week through the on-line payment process using the registered stall holder number.
  3. Non-approved applications will be kept on file if you fit our criteria and reviewed in 3 months.

Paddington Markets Regulations


Stallholder leave application form can be filled Online