Spirit Space

A place to retreat, connect and create with community amongst the Paddington Markets. 

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Saturday Spirit Space

Spirit Space is a brand new worship activity run by Paddington Uniting Church which is held in the church sanctuary amongst the Paddington Markets.


Spirit space consists of devotion style worship that is followed by informal discussion within the markets. The service has an emphasis on a kinaesthetic worship experience, regularly including quiet spaces for reflection, creative connection through music and art, the sharing of holy communion and the embracing of scripture. 

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More about Spirit Space at Paddington Markets:

Paddington Uniting Church employs various alternate and progressive worship styles to suit our diverse community. Spirit Space employs progressive theology and styles, of which you can read more about above. 

Paddington Uniting Church welcomes all people to our worship activities, regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or mental health situation.